What to Look for When Renting Steam Cleaners

by James Mcdaniel

What to Look for When Renting Steam CleanersRenting a steam cleaner for a specific job around the home is a great way to get professional results without investing the money or storage space in owning the equipment. The key to successful renting of steam cleaners is accurately assessing the needs of the project. Generally, the pricing of the unit for rent will depend on the size and capacity of the equipment so by only renting what is needed will save money, time and hassle.

Hand Held Steam Cleaners

A rented steam cleaner can be a valuable asset when remodeling or restoring a home. Hand held steam cleaners can make cleaning grout between tiles a much less arduous task.

The small steam cleaners can be used for spot cleaning carpets or any porous surfaces. The intense shot of steam loosens dirt and enhances standard methods of cleaning by saving time and effort.

Hand held steam cleaners are also ideal for car restoration. Cleaning engine parts and spot cleaning upholstery are jobs that a steam cleaner can be of great assistance in completing.

Stuck on grime and grease is loosened by the steam and the hand held models are easy to maneuver for use in hard to reach places.

Carpet Steam Cleaners

When preparing to pick a carpet steam cleaner to rent, it is important to know how many rooms and the general amount of carpet to be cleaned. The capacity of the cleaner and the amount of space it can effectively clean per filling will be important when trying to complete the job.

Although most carpet steam cleaners hold around 5 liters of water/cleaning solution, the size of the cleaning nozzle or brush is important to consider. If a large area is to be cleaned, the renter may want the widest apparatus available.


Things to Check before Renting

  • Price – Shop around online or get the telephone book out and call different rental companies to compare prices. Ask about specials, coupons and what supplies come with the rental.

  • Cleanliness – Look at the bristles on the floor cleaning head and the attachments. Look for hair and dirt. You don’t want to transfer dirt from someone else’s home to yours.

  • Instruction – Make sure you understand how the steam cleaner works. There should be a competent person to give a demonstration or very detailed instruction literature that you can refer to during the rental. Make sure there is a phone number of the manufacturer or the renting agency that you can call with questions during use.