Vapamore MR-100 Steamer Review

by James Mcdaniel

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I work as a trainer in a cleaning company.  Steam cleaners are one of my go-to items for many household products, and the Vapamore MR-100 Steamer is the model I trust for my own home.  The thing I like most about this machine is how hot the steam it creates is.  It heats water to over 255 degrees, which is more than hot enough to kill any germs (or other nasties) that get into the house.  The cleaner comes with a steam control, allowing me to choose exactly how much steam I want put out in any situation.  It cleans without chemicals, which allows me to use it in the kitchen without worrying about build-up on our food preparation tools.   The 18 foot cord is more than enough to move the device around my home without having to unplug and replug over and over. A variety of brushes are included with the cleaner to help tackle any type of cleaning test you need to put it to.  This is an excellent quality steam cleaner that I use on a regular basis


  • Steam Control: I love having the ability to choose the amount of steam I get out of my steam cleaner.  No two cleaning jobs are the same, so why should I have to use the same amount of steam every time?  With the Vapamore I can tailor my cleaner to each project, giving me a huge amount of flexibility.

  • Creates Very Hot Steam: Many steam cleaners put out steam that’s barely hot enough to clean, much less disinfect.  The Vapamore puts these cleaners to shame.  It heats water to over 255 degrees – more than enough to disinfect. Steam at this heat is also capable of killing dust mites and bed bugs, so if you’re been having infestation problems it can be a huge help.

  • No Chemicals Required: There’s no need to add in any chemicals to this steam cleaner.  Instead, let the steam do all the work. Because it’s hot enough to disinfect on its own, you don’t have to use cleaning products with it.  This saves on money, time, and prevents you from having to deal with residue left by heavy cleaning sprays and liquids.

  • 18 Foot Cord: You’d be surprised just how far 18 feet is. I can clean my entire kitchen without having to unplug the machine.  This sounds like a small point, but unplugging a steam cleaner causes the water inside to cool down. If the water cools, you have to give it time to heat up again or risk not having the steam be hot enough to disinfect.  If you’re constantly moving the machine from plug to plug, you waste a lot of time and energy.


  • Handle is Uncomfortable: When I first used my Vapamore I noticed that the handle had some ridges that were very uncomfortable against my hand.  I can’t figure out why the machine was designed that way.  I fixed the problem by wrapping a washcloth around the handle while I cleaned.

  • Hard to Move Around: This definitely isn’t a portable steamer!  The body of the machine is bulky, and while it has wheels it doesn’t move as smoothly as I would like.  It’s also a little heavy and cumbersome to move around. Thankfully, the cord and the hose are long enough that I can get just about all of my cleaning done without having to move it around too much.

There are no ends to the uses for a steam cleaner in the home, and in my opinion the Vapamore is one of the best models out there.  It creates a very high temperature steam that cleans and disinfects some of the toughest messes.   I love being able to decide exactly how much steam I want, and the additional attachments help me complete almost any job. This is a solid machine that I’m looking forward to using for a long time to come. 

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